Buying lawnmower parts for repair or service is a hassle for most people. You can buy the required parts for the DR Power lawnmower online or by visiting the dealer. But you should mention the correct part number to make sure that it fits your mower.

Here are some tips for finding the right DR Power mower parts. These tips will help you in selecting the right mower parts online or from a retail store.

1. Know about the Parts

Lawnmowers have different types of parts that you must understand. Here are the common parts of the mower that often require a replacement.

LawnMower Pinion Gear

The lawnmower pinion gear is a 12-tooth circular part that engages the drive wheel of the mower. The part also engages the center cam that allows the mower to be pulled back.

LawnMower Mulching Blade

The mulching blade is a part of the mower that is sold individually. The lawnmower part that is used to cut grass needs replacement from time to time. It has a mounting hole to fix it to the mower.

Every mower requires a certain type of blade. Contact the manufacturer or refer to the manual to know the model number and type of blade required for the mower.

Mower Air Filter

The mower air filter also needs replacement frequently. You must quote the filter part number for your mower when buying a new one. Make sure you buy a standard mower filter. Avoid fake copies that don’t deliver optimum performance in keeping the engine free of dirt and dust.

Lawnmower Spark Plug

A spark plug is also an important lawnmower part. The plug ignites the mixture of air and fuel in the engine chamber. A dirty or worn-out plug can’t ignite the mixture which will prevent the mower from powering up. You should always buy high-quality NGK plugs for your car as they last a long time.

Mower Spindle Assembly

The mower spindle assembly comes with self-tapping screws. Replacing the assembly requires expert-level skills. You can watch DIY videos to know the correct way to replace this part. If you are not feeling confident, you should contact an expert lawnmower technician to replace the part.

Lawnmower Shear Pin

Lawnmower shear pin breaks in half upon hitting a hard object. The purpose of the pin is to prevent damage to the engine and transmission. The lawnmower auger won’t turn if the shear is broken. You must purchase the shear pin separately since the mower pin is not included.

2. Know about Model Number

You should know about the model number of the lawnmower part. The model number of the mower is generally written on the metal portion of the mower engine. You can also find the model number on the label on the engine body.

The model number of walk-behind mowers is usually mentioned on the deck of the mower. Look for the number on the back side of the engine. You should also look at the rear guard of the mower to find out the correct model number.

Manufacturers also mention the model number of parts in the instruction manual. You should mention the exact model number when looking for a replacement part.

3. Find Parts Online

Once you have found the model number of the part, you should go online to find the correct part. The search parameters should include the lawnmower make, model, and part number. You should match the exact model number as the part of another mower won’t fit your mower.

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