Lawnmower repairs

Robotic lawnmowers offer a number of benefits over their traditional cousins. The lawn mowing robot cuts off the grass without any effort required on your part. But its essential to remember that robotic mowers are not perfect as they don’t always cut the grass properly.

Sometimes the outcome is worse than that of a traditional mower. You need to inform yourself of the pros and cons of a robot mower before spending your hard-earned money on updated technology.

Pros of Robotic Mower

1. Minimal Effort Required

The biggest benefit of robotic mowers is that they save a lot of effort in cutting the lawn. You don’t need to do anything to cut the lawn. Just place the mower on the ground and hit the start button.

2. Low Operating Cost

The energy consumption of the robotic mower is lower than a traditional ride-on mower. A robotic mower does not require any gasoline to run. The lawn mowing equipment runs on rechargeable batteries. Which means that you can save on operating costs when you buy a robotic mower for your lawn.

3. Quiet Operation

Another benefit of robotic mowers is that they work more quietly than a traditional mower. These mowers can operate at only 60 to 70 decibels. Most robotic lawn mowers operate at only 65 decibels. So, if you don’t want to trouble your neighbors when cutting the grass, a robotic lawnmower is a great buy.

Cons of Robotic Mower

1. Poor Striping Ability

One of the drawbacks of robotic mowers is that they have a poor ability to cut in stripes. The robotic mower can’t cut the grass in specific stripes as you can by using a traditional mower. It can only be cut in a random pattern, which may not result in an attractive cut.

If you want to end up with beautiful stripes, you should consider a traditional mower. Traditional outdoor power equipment allows you to cut the grass in specific patterns for the best curb appeal. You should opt for a robotic mower only if the quality of the cut is not of much importance.

2. High Price

The cost of a robotic mower ranges between $800 to more than $5,000. Cheap lawn mowers are not suitable for mowing a large lawn. You will have to spend a lot of money to mow a lawn that is more than 500 square meters.

If you have a large lawn, a traditional mower will be more cost-effective. Unless you have a lot of money to burn, you should consider buying a ride-on mower.

3. Less Reliable Than Traditional Lawnmowers

One of the biggest disadvantages of robotic lawnmowers is that they are less reliable compared to traditional DR Power mowers. The blades of robotic lawnmowers must be replaced after every two to three months.

The circuitry of the robotic lawnmower can also burnout if cutting wet grass. Repairing the mower circuitry is not cheap.


Making an informed decision will always lead to the best results. After reading the pros and cons of a robotic lawnmower you should be able to make the best possible purchase that meets your requirements. Innovative lawn mowing can be effective but the price and maintenance cost is generally much higher as compared to traditional lawnmowers.

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